When the mentor is mentee!

img_20160924_122541September Neev workshop, I again had the privilege to work alongside my mentor Mr Atul Pant and see the magic he weaves silently. This time around, apart from my grade 8th and 9th students, we were also helping grades 6th and 7th tinker along. We tested their knowledge by giving them some challenging builds of electronic circuits. We guided them and gave them clues to solving circuit problems while they struggled to work together and accomplish the set objectives. The workshop was filled with excited students scurrying around to use the various parts and components at their disposal and become the first to solve a tense puzzle.

Olympiads in Mathematics


There is a need to continue undertaking academic excellence tests as they provide a reference point beyond our set of school points. This is of great value as knowledge the way it is growing can never be complete. It can only be at a point of time and in context and relation. By undertaking tests we get to know strengths and weaknesses alike. We can use it both ways-deepen our strength or weed our weakness.

Speaking from experience in Olympiads, I wish someone had highlighted the student’s point of view for undertaking such tests. Here are some points to help your journey through
competitions like these a little more easily.

Nurturing Tinkersteers at IT’s Magic

It is fun to call ourselves as Tinkersteers– musketeers of new age who are engaged in self learning through tinkering.  And I am happy to be part of this community. July workshop at IT’s Magic, computer center for Neev seemed well received. I found the children who came for the workshop, most of them from VIII and  IX grades, eager and keen enthusiasts. They wanted the workshop to go on. Many of them asked when next?

In August workshop we explored

Sowing the foundations for tinkering at IT’s Magic

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Tinkering with electronics and robotics visits IT’s Magic!

Saturday morning on 23rd July began with an introduction to simple circuits and what electricity is all about for these kids.

A Rendez-vous at the Large Hadron Collidor

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This photo-gallery summarizes my  enlightening experience at CERN and all the incredible knowledge I gained on the building blocks of our universe- and from the world’s most powerful microscope. For me to have walked in the same corridors that scientists such as Peter Higgs or John Ellis  have walked in; to see the command centre for the colossal Large Hadron Collidor and even to stand atop this underground feat of engineering was as honouring as it was exciting.


Learning what a Supercapacitor could do and what is inside the average USB cable!

Learning what a Supercapacitor could do and what is inside the average USB cable!

These creations are the result of the amputations from everyday electronic items and stuck together to make something new. Here is something I made using  a USB cable, some LED’s from my RC car and that giant round thing I happened to find in some DIY stuff I bought:

Technologies that will affect life by 2020-2025

During my search to create relevant content for importance of technology and why all of us should be tinkering big time I Googled, read and researched on `technology – in future and what it holds for us’.

While  I did not begin by Google quest with specific year input but the search threw up results like technology by 2020, what changes will come by 2025 etc etc…These years 2020-2025  immediately had a significance for me.  I shall belong to a graduating class of 2021 wherever I study. So I sort of sat up and wanted to know what will be the overall scenario.

Most articles talked about Internet of things and how most technological changes coming are associated to technological capability applications  in any direction.

Among all the articles the  Mckinsey Global Institute report on Disruptive Technologies that will transform life, business and Global economy was bang on. `Disruptive’ seems a misnomer word in the report title – the technological change is multi-steps up – creating a new level of technology application to all that is around. While we are seeing most technologies beginning to unfold around us but the report talks about what are their future sizes, future impacts possible, pace of change. It is one thing to know about cutting edge, latest in technology but how does it stitch up in overall picture was very exciting to note from this report.

Curiosity through Curation

A new term I came to know although have been using it without knowing in school presentations.  Just as a `curator’ oversees or supervises or manages curation is the process of putting something together even if we have not created it.

Curating for tinkering with electronics and robotics for students with little or no prior knowledge of same meant creating a flow as to why electronics and robotics is important for all and what is there in the future for all of us in the next few decades. This was for my benefit as well as it helped keep my center point while talking and explaining to students. Curating also ensures that the curator learns the most because while trying to put together content for explaining to others one must be clear and understand what one is presenting.

For curating relevant and understandable context I have had to watch, read and listen to 10x content and much of it I rejected either on account of duplication or too complex or not-so-connected to main point or time limit of session.

Curating content for IOT- Internet of things was an eye opener. Videos, white papers and educative explanations from computer and technology companies are very interesting.

Some of the must watch videos (top few)  and concept papers to read – I am placing the list here with links for those who are keen to know why technology is important, what is already happening or beginning to happen and how will it affect us.  Happy watching and learning!