A Rendez-vous at the Large Hadron Collidor

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This photo-gallery summarizes my  enlightening experience at CERN and all the incredible knowledge I gained on the building blocks of our universe- and from the world’s most powerful microscope. For me to have walked in the same corridors that scientists such as Peter Higgs or John Ellis  have walked in; to see the command centre for the colossal Large Hadron Collidor and even to stand atop this underground feat of engineering was as honouring as it was exciting.

I saw state-of-the-art technology from all over the world whirring under the same roof and even young scientist, some as young as me! There was always activity going on in every computer, scientists discussing equations and electronic components over a cup of coffee , or school children like me trailing between numerate facilities and experiments. The thought of being amongst senior and respectable scientists felt intimidating at first but after talking a couple of times with them the place felt more like a scholarly academy- a well funded one too!

The collaboration is at such an overwhelmingly large scale that the influence of  this giant contraption 100m below ground has a worldwide impact on all scientist who come there seeking the knowledge. This can be felt and seen there.

If I could get another chance to go to CERN, I would love to research and learn something new at a place where knowledge is abundant and a new discovery could be waiting in the spools of data. The power of science truly exists at the Large Hadron Collidor.

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