Nurturing Tinkersteers at IT’s Magic

It is fun to call ourselves as Tinkersteers– musketeers of new age who are engaged in self learning through tinkering.  And I am happy to be part of this community. July workshop at IT’s Magic, computer center for Neev seemed well received. I found the children who came for the workshop, most of them from VIII and  IX grades, eager and keen enthusiasts. They wanted the workshop to go on. Many of them asked when next?

In August workshop we explored transistors, trimpot, using push button to turn on and turn off motors, use of resistor with a bulb. I hope their absorption and retention of physics fundamentals in electricity and circuits will be strengthened through such hands on.

The fundamentals will lay a foundation for these students so that this may nurture new possibilities of skills, knowledge and career possibilities. With their proximity to urban Gurgaon they stand a better chance if they tinker.

I am hoping that by the time my holidays arrive in winters they will be ready for something ambitious in tinkering.

It is my appeal to all tinkering enthusiasts to take along others, to initiate others. And it is possible to create simple enabling resources.I have used the Veerobot Step 1 kit which will help all students to master fundamentals in electronics and be able to understand and use different sensors and parts for desired action.  An Arduino starter kit is kind of structured to clear fundamentals and to build a base for more ambitious projects. A structured path helped me and the students find the comfort zone with each other.

The way the students have taken to tinkering they have set me a hard task to keep up and push up their level of learning to next in the September workshop!



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