Sowing the foundations for tinkering at IT’s Magic

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Tinkering with electronics and robotics visits IT’s Magic!

Saturday morning on 23rd July began with an introduction to simple circuits and what electricity is all about for these kids.

The students were very intuitive in their approach to assembling various components into a working circuit. The charged up session was filled with inspirational videos and hands-on activities that began by teaching how to work with a breadboard.

Once they got comfortable with it I let them make some parallel and series circuit using LED’s. Along with circuits they learnt the importance of resistors and the importance of resistance as a whole, open and close circuits and polarity of circuit components.

The group was quick to grasp the exciting world of electricity and quickly learned to even attach buzzers and motors in parallel circuits!To make so much progress in such a limited amount of time was simply delightful for a me as a mentor. If they could learn so much easily, the prospects of exploring new components and more complicated application based circuits are, without a doubt, promising.

“Conducting” this lesson for them has exposed me to a different kind of teaching experience where students have already absorbed from their urban environment in Gurugram. It seems I will have  a challenge to teach them a new skill that they could keep with themselves for a long time.

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