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Nurturing Tinkersteers at IT’s Magic

It is fun to call ourselves as Tinkersteers– musketeers of new age who are engaged in self learning through tinkering.  And I am happy to be part of this community. July workshop at IT’s Magic, computer center for Neev seemed well received. I found the children who came for the workshop, most of them from VIII and  IX grades, eager and keen enthusiasts. They wanted the workshop to go on. Many of them asked when next?

In August workshop we explored

Arduino Obstacle Avoider

This was one of my first few projects in Arduino. Making an Obstacle Avoider robot was a challenge in itself that introduced me to new components and a thing called “module” which is very different from basic electronics like LED or DC motors. In fact, while researching on the same, I learnt there are two ways of making Obstacle Avoider:

  1. One using Arduino and Arduino modules.
  2. Another using electrical components like transistors, IR sensor, motors, many, many wires and no microcontroller such as Arduino.