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Technologies that will affect life by 2020-2025

During my search to create relevant content for importance of technology and why all of us should be tinkering big time I Googled, read and researched on `technology – in future and what it holds for us’.

While  I did not begin by Google quest with specific year input but the search threw up results like technology by 2020, what changes will come by 2025 etc etc…These years 2020-2025  immediately had a significance for me.  I shall belong to a graduating class of 2021 wherever I study. So I sort of sat up and wanted to know what will be the overall scenario.

Most articles talked about Internet of things and how most technological changes coming are associated to technological capability applications  in any direction.

Among all the articles the  Mckinsey Global Institute report on Disruptive Technologies that will transform life, business and Global economy was bang on. `Disruptive’ seems a misnomer word in the report title – the technological change is multi-steps up – creating a new level of technology application to all that is around. While we are seeing most technologies beginning to unfold around us but the report talks about what are their future sizes, future impacts possible, pace of change. It is one thing to know about cutting edge, latest in technology but how does it stitch up in overall picture was very exciting to note from this report.