TimelessLifeskills Posts

Day 1- Bhuj Workshop


I would be working with grades 9 to 12 of The White Eagle School, Bhuj over the next four day period, starting 11th April. I was anxious as well as excited. Anxious whether I will able to handle it smoothly and initiate the students into electronics and robotics with as much engagement and excitement as I myself have. Excited also I was – to see how the dynamics of self learning, to see how tinkering with robotics will take students like myself into a whole new world.

Charging the Power to Learn


The flow of electricity churns the spirit of invention in me. Electronics is so simple to understand and manipulate; the first time I made a light Theremin using light sensors, a resister, a piezo and a button cell, the glee I felt when the music of my own creation played was beyond this world. The power to bend electricity through wires and LED’s make me feel as if I am in possession of an intangible power that resembles that of Jedis.