When the mentor is mentee!

img_20160924_122541September Neev workshop, I again had the privilege to work alongside my mentor Mr Atul Pant and see the magic he weaves silently. This time around, apart from my grade 8th and 9th students, we were also helping grades 6th and 7th tinker along. We tested their knowledge by giving them some challenging builds of electronic circuits. We guided them and gave them clues to solving circuit problems while they struggled to work together and accomplish the set objectives. The workshop was filled with excited students scurrying around to use the various parts and components at their disposal and become the first to solve a tense puzzle.

Apart from solving circuit problems on their own, we introduced various technologies before the students to fire up their creative thinking and initiate thoughtful questions about the science behind these technologies. We demonstrated the brainwave which uses a headphone designed to detect waves emitted by our brain in order to interact with an app on the IPad. Through one’s own brain, the user may control the outcomes in an interactive game. Atul Sir also showed the children interesting things that one could do with Littlebits, detachable electronic parts that work like LEGO, in order to help them understand how their challenges in tinkering could have been solved. Even though I had done a couple of workshops on my own, it was a revelation to see Atul Sir enthusing the children with his acumen  and enthusiasm.

I too explained to the students the functioning of a Quad-copter and similar drones demonstrating using the drone which I had made with my friends. They asked me questions I wouldn’t expect them to ask such as how long it could fly or whether it could carry anything. Someone even asked if a camera can be attached to it!



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